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Risen from the ashes.
Coming from different eras.
Made of a special metal alloy that was said to have magical properties.
Discovered by an unknown desert traveler.

No one really knows if the Zombie government coins are from the past or the future ...


Symbol: LZGC
Name: Legendary Zombie Government Coins
tokenId (category): 4b53fb421e760fa3d6d1250b921a7833a6dad04e3566314164059aa0afd987d6
Supply: 300
Blockchain: Bitcoin Cash
Type: BCMR CashTokens NFTs
Season: 1-4
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You will know when you know, and then it will be too late to know ...

Legend has it that whoever owns the Legendary Zombie Government Coins
will be granted immense power (which they may use to manipulate or intimidate others),
protection (which they may use to ward off attacks or keep themselves safe from harm),
or the ability to make sacrifices (which they may use to bargain with demons or other malevolent entities).

LZGC 128